Decentralised rural electrification
Decentralized rural electrification


  • Institutional support: regulatory framework, institutional organisation, etc.
  • Economic Modelling: tariff system, financial scheme, etc.
  • Financial Engineering: business plan, risks analysis, etc.
  • Social Engineering: animation, information campaign, service organisation, etc.
  • Technical and economic studies: technological choice, master plan, pilot project, sizing, etc.
  • Socio-economic studies: energy needs analysis, demand survey, rural areas macro-economic characterization, etc.
  • Development of management and monitoring tools.

Extensive knowledge in the field of rural and peri-urban electrification, including in particular economic, organizational, institutional and legal aspects.
Extensive experience in conducting studies and project development and implementation: master plan, market assessment, institutional framework definition, economic and technical studies, pilot projects implementation, financial engineering, organization plans, technical assistance and audits.
Large zones of action, more than 30 countries, on 3 continents for public bodies and administrations (e.g. Ministry of Energy of Kenya, ASER) or development organizations (World Bank, AFD, etc.) or private companies (KPLC, ONE).

Flagship project Operational Definition of Senegalese Rural Electrification Programme (ASER)

  • Identification and mobilisation of the potential actors in the frame of rural electrification concession programme (national, international);
  • Analysis of risks associated to the program (versus operators and owner);
  • Highlighting of the main impacts of the RE reform (legal and fiscal aspects);
  • Maximisation of consequences for the local economic activity.

Flagship project Eritrea Rural Electrification Master Plan

  • Demand and consumption characterisation (socio-economic surveys, data analysis);
  • Actual electricity generation and supply modes analysis (grid, renewable energies technologies, etc.);
  • Development of a geographical information system (SIG) with integration of socio-economic
  • Definition of a institutional and operational framework for rural electrification;
  • Development of a rural electrification master plan for all the country;
  • Establishment of a Rural Electrification Fund.

Developing a Rural Electrification Framework, Establishing and Operationalizing a Rural Electrification Fund – Eritrea Ministry of Energy and Mines